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Cleanroom Doors

Cleanroom Doors

Kwang wall systems can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of doors.made clean room doors can be configured as single or double swing doors (manual or motorized) and can be 100% customized.

Kwang cleanroom doors are designed for quick and easy installation into operating rooms, surgical suites, stick-built or modular cleanrooms. Designed for health care, pharmaceutical, and CGMP facilities, Kwang cleanroom doors are easy-to-sterilize, maintain room pressure and resist common biocides and hospital-grade disinfectants.

Kwang wall systems can accommodate a wide variety of cleanroom doors including steel, electric sliding, full or half glass and high-speed roll-up models. Cleanroom doors are available with a variety of options including vision panels, hardware, activation, locking mechanisms and fire ratings.

We can help you determine which type of door system would be best for your application. 

Cleanroom Door Options

Kwang clean room doors can be configured as single or double swing doors (manual or motorized) and can be 100% customized. Sliding doors and high speed rollup doors are also available. All doors are airtight, easy to clean with smooth surfaces as well as corrosion resistant.

Doors are important in cleanroom design. Their role is not limited to the access of personnel and merchandise. Door vision panels are important to see obstacles, for supervising personal, monitoring processes and maximising natural light.

Airlocks & Interlocks

To maintain cleanroom pressure differentials, passage should be through airlocks (and ideally controlled by interlocks). Airlocks are mostly used for the coming and going of personnel in gowning and degowning areas and material transfer airlocks. Our wall panel and door system can easily be configured with an interlock system, with two subsequent sets of doors, each opening separately with airspace between them. Interlocks prevent potential particle migration between two clean rooms which happens when two doors are accidentally opened at the same time.

Cleanroom Door Designs & Styles

Kwang’s broad portfolio of cleanroom door designs includes swing-out and sliding doors, automatic and manual doors, bi-parting double doors, high-speed roll-up doors, models pre-hung on rigid frames, fire-rated designs, and styles with full-length or partial windows.

Kwang Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Doors

Kwang pharmaceutical cleanroom doors are medical-grade, USP-compliant, and compatible with all areas of the hospital, including operating rooms and surgical suites. The door is fabricated with continuous-seam welds to eliminate cracks and crevices where microbes colonize. The dual-pane window is mounted flush with the door for easy cleanroom wipe downs.

Cleanroom Door Assembly

Kwang cleanroom door assembly includes an adjustable, heavy-duty aluminum closer that meets ANSI Grade-1 and ADA standards. The UL leak-rated design is equipped with a fully-concealed drop-down gasket that seals the bottom gap when the door closes, ensuring that room pressure is maintained on each side of the door.

ASTM and ISO Rated Cleanroom Doors

Kwang’s pre-hung manual swing doors include a tempered glass or hospital-grade plastic panel mounted to a powder-coated steel or aluminum frame. Kwang’s signature white powder-coat formulation exceeds ASTM and ISO paint standards to resist chipping, scratching, and fading. The single- and double-door designs are compatible with an optional double-action spring hinge allowing the self-closing door to open in both directions.

Cleanroom Door Style

1 - Bi-Parting Cleanroom Doors

Kwang’s external-mounted and recessed double sliding doors open in a bi-parting style to support easy ingress and egress of bulky equipment and transport carts.

Double bi-parting doors, which undergo life testing for a minimum of 1,000 cycles, include load-bearing wheels made of cast urethane for smooth, long-lasting operation. Elastomeric door seals and a fiberglass-reinforced timing belt ensure durability and operational uniformity.

2 - Roll-Up Cleanroom Doors

Automatic roll-up doors are constructed of rigid stainless steel to accommodate high-traffic operations in cleanrooms and operating rooms. All automated roll-up doors include a PLC touch panel for easy operation and an emergency stop button with a safety switch that engages if the door strikes an object.

3 - Sliding Cleanroom Doors

Kwang’s cleanroom-compliant sliding doors are manufactured in a broad array of designs for different applications, cleanliness levels, and environments. Kwang manufactures manual and automatic sliding doors, in single- and double-door designs, pre-hung in stainless steel or aluminum, external–mounted or recessed frames. 

Automatic sliding doors include a touch-motion door pad for hands-free operation and a microprocessor-controller to monitor door position and closing speed. Pre-assembled headers and panels are well-suited for retrofit projects requiring quick and easy installation.

4 - Swing Cleanroom Doors

Kwang’s swing-out and swing-in cleanroom doors are manufactured from hospital-grade materials for use in CGMP labs, operating rooms, surgical suites, and ISO-rated spaces.

5 - Fire Doors

Innovative, U.L. Rated stainless steel fire doors perform to code and have aesthetic appeal for any cleanroom environment.

6 - Specialty Doors

We have the ability to integrate specialty doors for areas with limited space to make it usable and productive.

Cleanroom Door Gaskets

Kwang manufactures swing doors in a number of different styles and configurations: automatic, manual, fire-rated, pre-hung on a rigid door frame, single-wide, double-wide, left-hand opening, and right-hand opening. Kwang’s swing doors include a fully concealed drop-down gasket that seals the bottom gap when the door closes, ensuring the door holds room pressure.

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