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Cleanroom Equipments

Cleanroom Equipments

Kwang can provide cleanroom equipment such as pass-throughs, benches and sinks. Custom designs are also available upon requests.

Cleanroom Fan Filter Units

Our low energy fan filter units also consist of low sound and a low profile. The 170 watts filter unit uses less energy which results in lower operating costs. The units contain a three-speed switch feature on all 2 foot and 4 foot units.


The unique design and low noise level provides an affordable high efficiency air filtration system that delivers up to 800 CFM of ultra clean air with low energy consumption and low heat gain.


The system is available with HEPA or ULPA filters and can be built to meet practically any electrical requirement.

CLASS 10 — CLASS 100,000

It is ideal for Class 10 through Class 100,000 cleanroom systems and available in various housing types and profiles.


The tapered design allows easy installation and maneuvering into the ceiling grid and, once installed, the unit provides complete flexibility to control speed and operation of the unit from room side.

Cleanroom Pass Through

Kwang wall systems can be fabricated onsite or offsite with openings to integrate with a wide variety of pass through options.

Pass through air locks minimize entry of contaminants into the clean room by providing a means for pick-up and delivery of products and supplies without personnel entry. Productivity is increased because clean room personnel remain clean and on-the-job; delivery personnel and contaminants remain outside.


Exterior dimensions: 24″ x 24″ x 24″ (other sizes available)

Heavy duty baked painted galvannealed steel with stainless steel bottom

Polished and continuous joints, easy maintenance

Chemical resistant

Mechanical interlocks

Kwang-Made, built in our plant


Fully flush windows

Custom dimensions

All-stainless steel construction

Additional shelves

Wall connection molding

Other colors available

Cleanroom Air Showers

Cleanroom air showers can be easily integrated into most cleanroom designs and help protect the environment from unwanted contamination. These self contained rooms utilize high velocity air jets to remove dust and particles from people and objects that need to enter the cleanroom.

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