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Electronics Assembly Cleanrooms

Electronics Assembly Cleanrooms

At Kwang Cleanroom, we put cleanrooms first—it’s right there in our name. we offer customized cleanrooms designed and manufactured to meet your specifications.

Modular Cleanrooms Protect Today’s Sensitive Electronic Components

When it comes to sensitive advanced electronics, modern OEMs cannot risk any particulate contamination whatsoever—a tiny speck of dust on a microchip can be as damaging as a huge boulder. Contaminated products cost electronics manufacturers millions of dollars every year, can lead to the loss of all-important ISO systems certification, and generate bad publicity that can be hard to shake.

To ensure the sterility and stability of their products, electronics manufacturers must first ensure the cleanliness of their manufacturing space. Kwang Cleanroom understands how critical controlling contamination is to an electronics manufacturer’s success. With expertly trained technicians and the latest technologies, we can provide 100% certainty that our electronics assembly cleanrooms exceed the industry’s highest standards for contamination control and cleanroom compliance. 

The Custom Electronics Cleanroom Experts

At Kwang Cleanroom, we put cleanrooms first—it’s right there in our name. We know electronic assembly cleanroom requirements can vary greatly from one installation to the next, and, with that in mind, we offer customized cleanrooms designed and manufactured to meet your specifications. Our electronics assembly cleanrooms provide:

HEPA filtration

Positive/negative air pressure

Temperature control

Monitoring systems

and more

Our modular electronics assembly cleanrooms are less expensive and easier to install that standard construction, and can be modified, upgraded, or even relocated with minimal expense and downtime, and with almost 100% reusability (i.e., nearly every component can be reused following disassembly and relocation). Standard 4” insulated wall panels provide a thermal barrier that improves performance and efficiency while reducing energy costs.

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Electronics Assembly Cleanroom Options

Every cleanroom application is different. To meet our customers’ unique requirements, our electronics assembly cleanrooms include a number of customizable features.


Various lighting module options are available, including LED fixtures, which are becoming mandatory per many local, city, or township energy codes. All our lighting options are engineered to maintain ceiling integrity and protect against infiltration of particles and airborne bacteria. Special designs allow for bulb/lamp replacement without contaminating clean areas.

Doors & Entryways

Single doors, double doors, and sliding doors, with or without safety viewing windows, can be positioned almost anywhere in the layout of your electronic assembly cleanroom. Various widths and heights are available. Manual sliding doors, automatic roll-up doors, and other specialized options are also available.


Choose the number and positioning of windows in your electronics assembly cleanroom. 3/16” tempered safety glass is standard. Dual pane, wire, UV tinted, and polycarbonate window options are available, as well as oversized windows for maximum visibility.

Electrical Options

Pre-wired raceways for lights switches and 110v outlets can be supplied in the numbers and locations you require. Other power options are also available.

Ceiling Grids & Tiles

A range of grid sizes, specialty finishes, and gaskets are available, as needed. Standard cleanroom ceiling tiles are 1/2” sheetrock core with one vinyl-coated face and sealed edges; other core and face options are available for electronics assembly cleanrooms.

Wall Materials/Finishes

We offer a variety of wall finishes to cater to different needs. Our standard vinyl wall finish is non-shedding, easy to clean, and ideal for most electronics assembly cleanroom applications up to ISO-7. Other options include chemical-resistant FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), conductive or non-conductive aluminum, and painted steel.

Air Showers & Pass-Thru Chambers

Fully-sealed cleanroom air showers with 99.97% absolute filters can be included at one or all entry points, as needed. Pass-thru chambers is a range of sizes and configurations are available.

Additional customizable and/or optional features include

HVAC systems

Fire suppression systems

Exterior guard rails

Raised access flooring

Vinyl strip curtain dividers/personnel doors

and more

Read more about our custom modular cleanroom options.

Benefits of Electronic Assembly Cleanrooms

Perhaps the greatest benefit of modular cleanrooms is that they can be modified or even relocated with minimal expense and downtime. Many prefabricated modular cleanrooms are almost 100% reusable.

In general, modular cleanrooms from are far less expensive than standard sheetrock construction, and can be installed in just a fraction of the time.

Many prefabricated cleanrooms are factory-cut, with prewired UL-classified raceways that provide a flush interior surface for electrical outlets and phone/data wiring. These raceways can also be used as service chases to house deionized water, compressed air, or nitrogen lines. Built-in raceways eliminate the mess of cutting and sanding drywall on site, and minimize construction time and facility disruption.

Many modular cleanrooms feature an insulated wall system that provides a thermal barrier and improves the efficiency and performance of the cleanroom’s mechanical system. This reduces energy costs and maintains temperature levels far better than non-insulated systems.

Depending on the classification level or function of a cleanroom, entry and exit through anterooms and/or gowning rooms may be required. Many modular cleanrooms can be built with accommodations for these rooms to reduce contamination from external environments. Airlocks, air showers, and pass-through boxes can be integrated so that personnel, products, and materials can be safely brought into and out of the cleanroom space without the risk of contaminant infiltration.

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Learn About Our Solutions for Custom Electronic Assembly Cleanrooms

Kwang Cleanroom is your #1 resource for custom modular cleanrooms for all applications.

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