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Assembling Pre-fabricated Modular Cleanroom

  • 2024-02-01
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Modular cleanrooms are the most convenient way to build a custom cleanroom for your facility. Panels are pre-fabricated according to your specific cleanroom design, and arrive with everything you need to get your cleanroom up and running as soon as possible. Modular cleanroom panels offer many benefits to the cleanroom building process, such as: 

Designed with a cleanroom expert to meet your cleanroom classification

Custom-built to your application and project requirements

Pre-wired and pre-insulated panels are ready to use

Can easily be reconfigured if your project needs change

Easy to assemble for a quick turnaround time

When your prefabricated modular cleanroom panels arrive, they’ll come with detailed directions to guide you through the setup. If the process of ordering, shipping, and assembling a modular cleanroom seems daunting, let’s break down what you can expect throughout this process. 


Modular cleanrooms are much more convenient than building a cleanroom on-site, but you may not know what to expect when it arrives. Let’s talk about what happens when you order your custom modular cleanroom and what’s needed when it comes time to assemble it onsite.


When you order your modular cleanroom, a cleanroom design expert will go over the details of  your specific project with you to make sure it contains everything you need to make your  new cleanroom a success. The designing process could take a few weeks, depending on the intricacies of your cleanroom design, the type of cleanroom you order, and your cleanroom classification and specific industry requirements.  Once design is complete, the panels will be fabricated to your exact specifications.

Once the panels are ready to ship, they will be packaged and transported with the utmost care. All modular cleanroom panels are made of the highest quality materials — strong enough to withstand the conditions of your work, yet flexible enough to be set up and reconfigured with ease if your project needs change.

Cleanroom design experts handle all the arrangements, so you won’t have to worry about controlling contamination risks in the shipping of your cleanroom panels. 


If you want to skip the DIY setup, you can have cleanroom professionals complete the installation for you. A cleanroom installation team can assemble your custom modular cleanroom with minimum disruption to your facility’s operations and with maximum efficiency to get your new cleanroom up and running as soon as possible. Quality cleanroom construction is very important to the initial and future functionality of a cleanroom.   A professional install team can make sure all the technical details are carried out according to your cleanroom design so that it complies with your classification requirements and industry standards.


The entire design-to-installation process will depend on the complexity of your unique cleanroom. Do you have special features, storage, furniture, lighting, or systems to include in the design? Does your cleanroom fall under a stringent cleanroom classification? More complex cleanrooms will require more time to make sure every detail is just right when the modular panels arrive on your site.

Once the cleanroom has arrived, the assembly time can also vary by cleanroom type. SoftWall cleanrooms are known for being easy to assemble, disassemble and reconfigure. SoftWall modular cleanroom assembly generally only takes a few hours. HardWall and RigidWall cleanroom assembly is more involved, but can still be completed in just a few days. 

Once your modular cleanroom is set up, it’s only a matter of keeping it in optimal condition. Routine maintenance will serve to keep all systems running at peak efficiency so your operations can continue to move along smoothly.

Whether you prefer to assemble your modular cleanroom yourself, or would like a team of professionals to install it for you, Kwang Cleanroom is here to design, build, and deliver the best cleanroom available. To learn more about the process and get started with your cleanroom installation, get in touch with us today.

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