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Softwall Cleanrooms

  • 2024-04-30
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A softwall cleanroom is an excellent solution for compartmentalization and specialized operations within a modular cleanroom, high bay cleanroom, CMM enclosure, or machine enclosure. Kwang Cleanroom offers a wide variety of softwall cleanroom options for dust control, safety, laser or dark rooms, and other applications ranging from pharmaceutical production to injection molding. Our softwall cleanroom systems are designed for fast construction and can be easily expanded or relocated.

Sturdy, Portable & Convenient Softwall Cleanrooms

Softwall cleanrooms units from Kwang Cleanroom function well in already-controlled environments where additional “spot clean” areas are needed. When fitted with casters, they are very easy to move from place to place. Foot brakes on the casters are all it takes to secure your softwall cleanroom’s position while in use.

These enclosures can be fitted with HEPA filters, fan powered modules, and modular air conditioning units. Our softwall cleanrooms can also be adapted to accommodate your existing ventilation and dust collection systems.

Every softwall cleanroom is built on a lightweight yet durable frame comprised of 2.125” x 2.125” square aluminum tubes. 6063-T5 heavy duty extruded clear anodized finish is standard; a range of powder-coated colors are available upon request. Contact Kwang Cleanroom to discuss custom finish requirements.

Pre-fabricated ceiling grid systems are factory assembled using 2” heavy duty T-bar, and are subdivided into 2’ x 4’ bays to allow for various ceiling components. Openings are fully gasketed using closed-cell neoprene to ensure a positive seal.

Request a quote on a softwall cleanroom for your facility, or give us a call to learn more.

Cleanroom Curtain Dividers

Curtain dividers are ideal for use in existing modular cleanroom environments where additional clean air is needed or where manufacturing processes within the same environment must be separated. They are also suitable for enclosing portable frame systems and improving laminar flow areas above work spaces.

Kwang Cleanroom’s standard cleanroom-grade vinyl curtain dividers are made from pure (virgin) ingredients, with no recycled materials. These materials are formulated to be fire-retardant and low-outgassing. Our softwall curtain dividers are comprised of 4’ wide sheets of vinyl that have been RF (radio frequency) welded to form either solid walls or movable curtains, depending on your needs.

Strip curtains are available in widths from 6” to 12”, and overlap from 1” to 4”, depending on height.

Available Curtain Divider Thicknesses

0.040 mils

0.060 mils

0.080 mils

0.120 mils

0.160 mils

Available Curtain Divider Colors




Amber tint

Smoke tint





Mounting Options for Softwall Curtain Dividers

Stainless Steel T-Bar Clips

Easy to install, with no drilling or screws necessary. This prevents damage to the existing ceiling when removed.

Dual Lock Fasteners

This non-particulating, clear, flexible fastening system uses a plasticizer-resistant adhesive and is ideal for vertical or horizontal attachment to frames, hoods, benches, and on overlaps.

Hook & Loop Fasteners

Ideal for securing curtain overlaps. Attached to vinyl curtain dividers with a plasticizer-resistant adhesive and sewn on for added durability.

Flexible Magnetic Self-Closures

These high quality, flexible, chemical-resistant magnets are ideal for overlapping areas where frequent access is required.

Overlap Retention Snaps

A simple and inexpensive way to close overlapping areas of curtain dividers.

Contact Us for Softwall Cleanrooms & Curtain Dividers

Request a quote today, or contact Kwang Cleanroom for more information on our softwall cleanroom units and curtain dividers. We are the modular cleanroom experts!

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