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Cosmetic Production Cleanrooms

Cosmetic Production Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms for cosmetic production ensure that cosmetic bottling and filling lines are free of harmful contaminants and pollutants that could cause unwanted negative effects to the applicant.

Top-quality cosmetic products require manufacturing facilities that protect against air impurities and other irritants. Contaminants and pollution that is not controlled compromise the integrity of the cosmetic bottling process, creating products that do not live up to the brands they represent.

Kwang Cleanroom manufactures high-quality ISO 6, ISO 7, and ISO 8 cleanrooms for cosmetic bottling and filling assembly productions. Whether you are looking for cleanrooms for cosmetic production or cosmetics packaging, our cleanroom experts have you covered.

Why Choose Cleanrooms for Cosmetic Production?

Since they can actively control challenging factors such as pressure, humidity, temperature, and the concentration of airborne particles, cleanrooms are commonly utilized within the cosmetic industry. Cleanrooms actively utilize various filtering channels such as specialized HEPA filters, doors, ceilings, partitions, floors, and other physical barriers to limit the number of particles that are allowed to enter the cosmetics packaging room.

What is the ISO 22716 GMP Cosmetics Cleanroom Standard?

Since the human body comes into direct contact with cosmetic products, ISO 22716 standards mandate that most cosmetic products must be bottled or filled within a cleanroom environment These standards are similar to what is required of the pharmaceutical industry for products that are ingested into the body.

Some of the cosmetic items that are covered under the ISO 22716 standard include: 



Washing gels





Cosmetic Cleanroom Advantages

Products that are applied to human skin must be safe to use. Cleanrooms for cosmetic production ensure that cosmetic bottling and filling lines are free of harmful contaminants and pollutants that could cause unwanted negative effects to the applicant. With a nearly unlimited number of custom options to choose from, cleanrooms for cosmetic production and cosmetics packaging provide proven results. Additional benefits of working with Kwang Cleanroom for your cosmetic bottling and production needs include:

Nationwide Installation

Customized design according to your specifications

Modular construction

Quick assembly

Optional cleanroom components




Factory-cut, pre-wired options available

Custom Modular Cleanroom Capabilities 

At Kwang Cleanroom, we can customize your cosmetic production cleanroom to meet your exact requirements. We can incorporate gowning rooms, airlocks, air showers, material transfer enclosures, batch mixing areas, blending labs, and more into the modular cleanroom structure to ensure a complete solution is provided.

We offer numerous wall finishes that caters to different lab and research needs. Our standard vinyl wall finish, for example, is easy to clean, non-shedding, and ideal for most modular cleanrooms up to ISO-7. We also offer an FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) finish that provides excellent chemical resistance for sterile wipe downs.

Other customizable features of our modular cleanrooms include:

Air filtration system


Doors and entryways



Ceiling grids/tiles


HVAC and fire suppression systems

Guard rails

UV-safe options

Contact Us for Modular Cleanrooms for Cosmetic Production Today

Request a quote for cosmetic production cleanrooms or give us a call and one of our expert cleanroom specialists will assist you in building the perfect custom cleanroom for your cosmetic production needs.

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