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Use And Areas Of Application For Mobile Cleanrooms

  • 2024-02-04
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Cleanroom technology more and more in demand

For many industries the needs regarding product quality and production conditions are increasing. To an ever greater extent the realization of own quality standards or customers’ requirements needs ambient conditions. mobile cleanroom can/might be the solution.

A question of efficiency

Beforehand it is not always predictable if the acquisition of an own cleanroom for the company will be efficient. Especially for short-term, onetime cleanroom solutions or possibly measuring and control tasks there is a call for an alternative to a firmly installed cleanroom. A mobile cleanroom presents such an alternative.

Advantages of a mobile cleanroom

A mobile, rentable cleanroom secures reproducible conditions for demanding production, research, measuring and testing tasks. Therefore it fulfills the same requirements as a firmly installed cleanroom. Moreover, the mobile cleanroom solution provides additional advantages for different areas of use.

Use And Areas Of Application For Mobile Cleanrooms

Use and areas of application for mobile cleanrooms


You only need a cleanroom for a few weeks or months?


You need to change the location for the cleanroom frequently?


You need to react to your customers’ requirements on short notice, who are asking for cleanroom technology? Or you need an interim solution until the firmly installed clean room is finished?


You’re working in research and you don’t have enough funding for a permanent installment of a cleanroom?

Cost pressure

Investment costs into an own cleanroom for the company are currently not considered?

A mobile cleanroom is a sublime, cost efficient and locally flexible solution for companies, which only have temporary use requirements and don’t want to compromise in quality.

Contact us to learn more about mobile clean room application scenarios, what requirements they must meet and what benefits they offer.

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