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Cleanroom Class 100 And Class 1000 Which Level Is Higher

  • 2024-02-02
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Class 100 clean room and class 100,000 class 100,000 class compared to the class 100 workshop environment is cleaner.

Cleanroom Class 100 And Class 1000 Which Level Is Higher

The cleanliness level of cleanroom actually means the smaller the value, the higher the cleanliness level, and the higher the cleanliness, the higher the cost. Hundred class cleanroom means the air cleanliness is one hundred class cleanroom, that is, the particles per cubic meter in the workshop is controlled within one hundred, which is comparable to the degree of clean requirement of operating room.

The so-called "hundred" clean, that is, the number of particles greater than or equal to 0.5 microns per cubic foot of air does not exceed 100, comparable to the highest level of clean operating room standards. Lu Jianzhen, the technical person in charge of the project, said that in order to ensure the "hundred" clean, the chip plant uses waffle board (the use of holes in the floor to form the return air channel floor) high-precision construction, and the establishment of clean air conditioning ventilation system to form the return air channel. The thickness of the waffle board of the chip plant is 70 cm, which can resist micro-earthquake; the area of the waffle board is 1410 square meters, in which 35,000 35 cm diameter Kee's cylinders are poured, which is equivalent to 5 round holes for air exchange every 2 square meters. At that time, the chip production line will be arranged on the waffle board, and the whole workshop will use the fresh air system to ensure the positive pressure and exhaust through the return air channel of the waffle board to finally ensure the cleanliness of the workshop.

Design planning of clean workshop.

Site selection principle. The choice of clean workshop address should be in line with the principles of favorable production, convenient life, saving investment and operating costs. The site should be located in the natural environment and water quality is good, the concentration of dust in the atmosphere is low, the terrain, features, geomorphology caused by the microclimate is conducive to production, energy saving area, should be far from a large number of emitting dust, smoke, toxic gases and microorganisms in the region.

The main points of the movement line planning. To review and analyze the path of people and vehicles, piping system, exhaust piping, raw material handling and work flow, etc., to shorten the line as much as possible and avoid crossover to prevent cross-contamination. Do not concentrate the movement lines of workers, chemicals, materials, etc.; around the clean room, it is appropriate to set up a buffer zone; the access to manufacturing equipment, do not have a big impact on the operation.

Energy saving principle. There are a lot of energy saving areas in the clean room, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), process cooling, compressed air and some other facilities. 

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