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How To Control Cost And Build Qualified Purification Workshop

  • 2024-02-01
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There are often corporate consultations: I want to build a purification workshop in our factory. You have rich experience in this area. Please give me a price. "Indeed, with the development of the times, more and more companies abandon traditional factories and choose to build clean factories that are more suitable for market needs. It is the progress of the times and an inevitable product of economic development. Cleanliness is crucial in the process of purification engineering design. Important: The cleanliness level of the purification project, the materials used in the purification project, the air conditioning system, the enclosure structure of the clean room, and the floor project will all affect the cost of the purification project. Therefore, the early planning and design and material selection are particularly important.

How To Control Cost And Build Qualified Purification Workshop

How much does the clean plant cost? How much money is needed to invest in this project? These are the issues that companies are most concerned about. As Kwang, which has years of industry experience in the field of clean engineering such as laboratories and clean rooms, it is still very rich in "tailor-made" according to the own conditions of different companies.

"Look at the demand and count the cost", this is the basic principle. For example, the product produced by a company is "medicine", so the main budget policy is to measure it according to the construction standards of GMP purification workshop. Kwang designer will meet the project leader of the factory area, according to the existing functions and R&D direction of the pharmaceutical factory, combined with the designer’s own rich experience, make the construction planning layout of the factory area, for example: a standard large-scale new drug research and development purification workshop, mainly composed of office Area, warehouse, basic chemistry laboratory area, synthesis experiment area, biological experiment area, clean area (virus vaccine laboratory, eukaryotic fermentation culture area, purification area, preparation and drug release experiment area, preparation filling, capping clean area Pharmacodynamic laboratory), analysis and testing center, animal room, pilot plant and other functional areas. Among them, each area will be composed of more detailed functional rooms. According to the requirements of cleanliness standards, these functional rooms also need to meet the requirements of the new GMP cleanliness level A-D. The division of function rooms and the size of the clean area all determine the amount of building materials (ceiling, partition, floor, air shower, etc.) and supporting systems (air conditioning, pipes, laboratory furniture and equipment, etc.) in the purification workshop. These factors determine the amount of cost. The key part.

Commonly used cleanliness grades are known as the standard, there are ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, and one hundred thousand. The smaller the value, the higher the cleanliness level, the higher the construction difficulty and the corresponding equipment requirements, and the higher the cost. For example, the level of 100,000 and above requires the necessary clean sheet enclosures to purify doors and windows, personnel and cargo air shower transfer facilities, and the ground should be an epoxy artesian floor with anti-static requirements; the cost of air conditioning is more conventional. Will increase: the higher the degree of cleanliness, the greater the number of air-conditioning changes necessary to meet the purification requirements, the greater the air volume required to purify the air cabinet, and the higher the efficient air outlet volume of the air duct and the end. Some also install high-efficiency filters. In the same way, the establishment of purification workshop temperature and humidity not only has the above-mentioned cost problem, but also has the factors of control accuracy. The higher the accuracy, the more complete the supporting equipment required. If the relative humidity range is accurate to ±3%, ±5%, the humidification equipment and dehumidification equipment that need to be designed must be complete.

Therefore, the quality of the design plan determines the project cost of the entire project. A good design plan will achieve greater benefits with the most economical investment, that is to say, an effective and economical design plan is the decision to determine the cost of the purification plant. Element, and the key point to realize this decisive element is the level of the designer’s "ability".

The second factor that determines the cost of a project is actually the "cost advantage". We will have many links in the entire construction process, such as clean engineering design, decoration, supporting furniture, supporting equipment, HVAC system, fire fighting system, automatic control system, strong and weak electricity, process pipeline, waste water and waste gas and other professional fields. Splitting to different units to complete, each quotation is different, not to mention, the time cost will naturally be prolonged, and the length of the project cycle for project construction also directly affects the output efficiency. At this time, introducing a clean engineering EPC (general contracting) unit to complete the construction of the clean system is relatively more affordable. For example, a clean engineering EPC integration service provider such as Kwang has complete qualifications for construction and construction general contracting, design, decoration, electrical and mechanical installation, purification, environmental protection, and steel structure. It has served many well-known enterprises and has rich experience; the group has The price advantage of the production base that produces clean system materials and furniture equipment by itself is self-evident; the design and construction of each system engineering process is smooth, and the engineering construction efficiency is high.

In summary, experienced clean engineering service providers will be more familiar with various standards and be good at customizing individualized solutions, and help companies achieve appropriate economic benefits with cost-effective engineering costs.

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