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Strict Cleanroom Strategies

  • 2023-09-07
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Cleanrooms are designated areas that are free from contaminants and airborne particles. These designated areas are generally used either for manufacturing or research processes. However, compared to most manufacturing processes, cleanrooms are strictly safer and free from many types of airborne particles. In the absence of cleanrooms and cleanroom air showers, the density of airborne particles inside a room can vary due to various reasons and disturb the manufacturing or research process.

Strict Cleanroom Strategies

Here are some of the causes that generate airborne particles

Usage of different equipment

Human interaction

Production process

There are standards to define the requirements of a manufacturing plant. Federal Standard 209E is a common regulation that emphasizes the necessity of a cleaner and controlled environment to perform a certain manufacturing process. Different products require different conditions around to complete a successful production process and this 209E explains all those regulations clearly. So, the cleanrooms installed within the facilities should be efficient enough to match such standards.

Usually, cleanrooms are thoroughly observed constantly in order to assure an impeccable cleanliness. Apart from that, companies have implemented rules and regulations which are to be followed by those who enter cleanrooms. Depending on the amount of cleanliness expected, these rules and regulations can be changed. All these precautions are taken to ensure the manufacturing process remained undisturbed.

Most of the time, it is mandatory to wear special protective gear before entering cleanrooms. By using these specially designed garments, they expect to keep the contaminants away from the cleanrooms. Some sensitive manufacturing processes can be disturbed by a single hair or excessive amount of moisture that emit from our body. Therefore, those who enter these rooms are strictly asked to adhere to the procedures.  In addition to that, it is common to see cleanroom air showers with the cleanroom setup. These air showers are installed to wipe out the potential particles you might have when entering the cleanrooms. These cleanroom air showers are more of small cabins that are equipped with air nozzles. The nozzles direct pressurized air towards you and remove the particles from your outfit.

Apart from that, the following cleanroom strategies are implemented to keep the airborne particles away from the cleanrooms.

Maintaining air pressure levels that are unique to cleanrooms

Maintaining unique temperature within the designated area

Controlling the humidity inside the designated cleanrooms

Implementation of advanced air filtration methods such as ULPA filters to get rid of the finest particles

Cleaning the cleanrooms should be done adhering to special methods. Usage of cleaning agents and equipment should be done with a good awareness compared to the conventional cleaning methods.

Such strict cleanroom strategies should keep the airborne particles away from the respective area and facilitate an undisturbed manufacturing or research process.

Installing a cleanroom is not a simple task; that is why you need to hire a well-reputed company to handle your project. Take a good look at the track record of the potential vendor before you let them build your cleanrooms.

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