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Four Common Problems In Cleanroom Design

  • 2024-02-03
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Whenever there is a need for renovating an existing cleanroom or add a new cleanroom to an existing facility there are some common mistakes that are made:

Four Common Problems In Cleanroom Design

1. Layout interface with existing cleanroom and workflow- It is common to ignore the bottlenecks that can be caused by a poorly designed workflow for the cleanroom thus making sure to think through the workflow and identify what are the possible bottlenecks is important. When working with an existing cleanroom or adding on to an existing cleanroom it is also important to think through the construction workflow along with the cleanroom workflow to prevent any issues for either team.

2. Other Departmental needs- It is common to have the Manufacturing team or Research team be key influencers in how the cleanroom is designed yet sometimes other departments will need to access or use the cleanroom space as well. It is important to think through their considerations to make sure you can design the best cleanroom for achieving their needs. Take time to think through how the cleanroom can impact all of the departments to ensure the best cleanroom design.

3. Managing the Renovation/Construction budget during cleanroom design- You want to make sure that as you plan out your cleanroom you can stay within the budget for the project. Think through extra costs and possible challenges to make sure you can anticipate any issues and have the resources to handle it. You are not just budgeting for the construction but also the maintenance and upkeep too.

4. Managing the space- Along with budget issues it is important to think of the structure and space the cleanroom will take up in your facility and how that may affect the larger structure and workflow. Ceiling height is a classic example since this height can make a large impact on air flow and temperature costs not to mention your equipment and processes. How will having the cleanroom impact the flow of the rest of your facility is always a good question to ask.

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