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System Composition And Working Principle Of Fast Rolling Door

  • 2024-02-02
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The fast rolling door is mainly composed of several systems such as door frame system, door curtain system, drive motor, control system and safety system.

System Composition And Working Principle Of Fast Rolling Door

Frame system: The main material is made of carbon steel plate or aluminum alloy.

Curtain system: mainly composed of PVC woven fabric or aluminum alloy profiles. Especially PVDF membrane material has better anti-aging performance, is not easy to fade and has self-cleaning function, so it is very suitable for making fast rolling door.

Drive motor: mainly composed of brake pads, motor and reducer. Fast rolling shutter doors use brake deceleration motors, which require fast braking and low noise. Generally, the brake motors sold on the market either have a poor braking effect or are very noisy, so they are not suitable for fast rolling doors. A speed ratio of 1: 10-1: 15 is more appropriate. There is also a new type of industrial quick door motor, called industrial quick door dedicated servo, which is a new control method. When the operation is stopped, it is not necessary to rely on the brake to brake, and the dry noise is further reduced.

Control system: Commonly used is the integrated circuit board with complete set of PLC / inverter / encoder or its own IPM module. Most domestic door companies are mainly based on PLC / inverter / encoder.

Safety system: mainly infrared electric eye switch, safety air pressure sensor (some companies with high mechanical precision control system and high stability use safety contact belt) or light curtain system; light curtain system should be the highest level of safety protection, currently on the market Only Oponne, Basde, and Ivry are used by several companies.

Working principle: The trigger signal is provided by the door opening sensor to the control system. The control system sends instructions to the inverter according to the current position of the fast rolling door , and starts the drive motor to quickly raise the door curtain. The signal is turned on again. As the name implies, the speed of a fast rolling shutter door is very fast, and it cannot start and stop directly like a steel rolling gate. Generally, an inverter is required to control the speed of the motor. The faster it is, the better it is. When it is in place (about 20cm), a deceleration buffer stop process is needed to prevent impact on the track, prevent people from pinching, and reduce noise. This is also a standard to measure the performance of fast rolling shutter doors. 

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