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Operating Room Purification Project

  • 2024-02-03
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Operating room adopts the air cleaning technology to control the microbial contamination to different degrees, and achieves the air cleanliness of various types of surgery; and provides suitable temperature and humidity to create a clean and comfortable operating space environment.

Operating Room Purification Project

Operating room is one type of the cleanroom . It is for hospital of healthcare industry.

Is there any difference between an OR with other clean room for a pharmaceutical or semiconductor industry? Please see the below detail analyses for an OR.

As the key department of hospital infection control, operating room should adopt certain air cleaning measures to adjust the temperature and humidity of indoor air, remove bacteria, adjust fresh air, so that dust particles and microbial particles in the air can be effectively filtered out, which can lay a good foundation for the smooth and safe operation. Based on the basic function of operating room, in the process of decoration and decoration, the materials used in floor, wall and ceiling must meet the quality requirements of nosocomial infection control, and select high quality materials in order to ensure the effect of decoration and construction of operating room.

Operating Room Purification Project The following points need us notice:

1. Purification system

The indoor air purification system can be divided into horizontal laminar flow, vertical laminar flow and turbulent flow. The choice of airflow form can refer to the convention, and the second depends on the working parameters of the room.

2. Cleanliness and number of air changes

The cleanliness of the room depends on the number of air changes per unit time. Therefore, the working nature of the room and the requirements of the production process should be considered, and then the technical parameters of the purification system should be determined.

3. purification engineering structure

In order to ensure that the airflow is almost undisturbed, it is necessary to carry out the structural design and the necessary care to prevent the accumulation of dust in places in the room.

4. Design solutions

To determine a design option, careful consideration must be given to the working nature of the room and the airflow conditions within it. The operating room with a large amount of dust should not use ground air supply, and the operating room with high cleanliness requirements should be as far away from other operating rooms as possible.

5. Purification materials

As a clean room ceiling, the wall and floor materials must be materials that should not be broken, not easily stained with particles, and hardly dust-free. In addition, according to the different working conditions of the room, it is also necessary to consider whether the chemical properties of the materials are stable.

6. Pressure and airflow in operating room purification engineering

In order to ensure the cleanliness of the room, it is necessary to prevent the outside air from entering the room. To achieve this, the room must maintain positive pressure. Appropriate fresh air must be supplemented in order to obtain the required room pressure.

The building decoration of clean room for operating room should follow the principles of no dust production, no ash accumulation, corrosion resistance, collision resistance, no cracking, moisture-proof and mildew proof, easy cleaning, environmental protection, energy saving and fire prevention requirements.

The floor surface of operating room should be smooth and non-slip, no crack, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, good anti-corrosion performance and strong impact resistance, and the color prefer in light color.

Considering the dangerous problems such as the explosion of volatile narcotic drugs caused by static electricity and the visual interference of medical personnel caused by strong light, they are not allowed to accumulate static electricity and produce glare.

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