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Cleanroom Design Considerations

  • 2024-02-02
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In Cleanroom Design there are many factors to consider before a settling on a final design and beginning cleanroom construction:

The activity level within the Cleanroom or Clean Room.

The Process within the room, and the contamination rate from that process.

The Cleanliness Class required such as a Class 1 cleanroom, Class 5 cleanroom, Class 7 cleanroom, and Class 8 cleanroom.

The Temperature and Humidity required for the process and the comfort of the associates that will work within the Cleanroom air are factors to consider during cleanroom design and cleanroom construction.

Pressurization requirements to prevent cross-contamination.

The dedication of the management and the associates that will work within the room to the Protocols required for the operation and maintenance of the Cleanroom.

Cleanroom Design Considerations

Future use of the Cleanroom, including additional equipment, and possible expansion.

Once all of these factors are analyzed, a design can be formulated, using guidelines that have been established, which will lead to a successful “Operational” Cleanroom system. Over design will cost the owner additional upfront cost, and operational cost, and under design will result in production problems.

The more that we can learn about your process, added to our existing knowledge base acquired across a wide spectrum of clients, the more we are able to deliver a design that will meet your requirements today and in the future, while exceeding your expectations.

Cleanroom Design

Cleanrooms are designed typically for a specific use, which we will simplistically break down into three Categories:

Based on the primary use, we have simplistic guides to looking at the components required for your Cleanroom

Electronics & Optics


Biological Containment

Review the guides as a starting point for a discussion on what will best suit your present and future needs.

One common error we have encountered is overbuilding at the early stage of a company’s growth, and revenues not being able to fund the facilities built.


Consider a solution that allows flexibility for future growth, and keeps your funding in the bank until the future facility is required. Kwang can assist with these decisions required for this plan.

Contact Us with any questions you have or to place an order!

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