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What Does Hospital Clean Room Project Mean

  • 2024-01-05
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clean room engineering-clean room technology (what is a clean room) through various facilities and strict management in engineering technology, indoor particulate content, airflow, pressure and so on are also controlled within a certain range, this kind of room space is called a clean room.

What Does Hospital Clean Room Project Mean And Application of clean technology

Application of clean technology

1. microelectronics industry

Micro-electronics industry is the highest requirement for clean room industry In addition, such as modern industry in the production of liquid crystal, optical fiber, the same cleanliness requirements.

2. The pharmaceutical industry

(1) China's drug production and management code (GMP) has been implemented throughout the country, which requires different levels of cleanliness for the production environment. In addition to limiting the size and content of dust particles in the air, there are also clear limits on biological particles (bacteria) .

(2) the treatment room, the burn ward and the surgical operation room of the hospital can prevent the bacterial infection in the air according to the conditions and play an important role in protecting the environment.

(3) medical scientific experiments for the breeding of experimental animals, genetic engineering and other disciplines of experimental engineering, should also have a clean environment, in order to achieve effective results.

3. The aseptic packaging of food is also superior to the canned food which is sterilized by high temperature in keeping the color, aroma, taste and nutrition of food.

4. others, such as aerospace industry, precision machinery industry, instrumentation industry, fine chemical industry, etc. , all use clean technology.

After the construction of the clean operating room, the qualified and authoritative third party shall carry out the commissioning, testing and construction quality of the built operating room, including materials for building decoration, operating conditions and stability of clean air conditioning systems, the operating room performance parameters (cleanliness, colony number, temperature and humidity, pressure, noise, etc.) as well as the operating room selected equipment reliability and system operation energy-saving are comprehensively evaluated, to further standardize the construction market of clean operating room.

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