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Modular Cleanroom Design And Construction Reference

  • 2024-02-02
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Modular cleanrooms are expensive buildings, and their design and construction must adapt to the development of society, scientific discoveries, and constant changes in technological progress. This requires clean room functional facilities to have a high degree of flexibility to adapt to future changes.

Modular Cleanroom Design And Construction Reference

The continuous development and change of the modular cleanroom makes the laboratory equipment continue to increase. For changes in laboratory needs, it is necessary to provide corresponding supply services for new equipment. The laboratory bench must be completely suitable for the corresponding fixed space. Many users hope that the module The ability of the cleanroom to accommodate future expansion, and the flexibility and variability of modular design are key factors in the success of laboratory design.

The construction of real modular clean room mainly includes the following:

partition system module

Partition system modular cleanroom is divided into screen partition and furniture partition. Screen-type partitions are height-adjustable and easy to reassemble, suitable for use as a room-to-room divider. Furniture-type partitions are relatively short in height, more focused on cooperating with the supply of water and electricity, and are more suitable for room partitions.

The screen-type partition adopts a column panel structure, and the partition material can be equipped with solid board, safety glass, gypsum board or various board-type composite materials suitable for laboratories. The partition material can be changed according to the function of the clean room space. The screen-type partition provides space for pipes, and can install movable pipes and various water and electrical accessories.

The furniture-type partition is composed of vertical service columns and horizontal service bridges. The service columns can be directly connected to the ceiling supply system or connected to the ceiling supply system through flexible pipelines. The furniture-type partition can accommodate various water and electricity pipelines and accessories, and the modular service board can be freely replaced or added with different functional parts as needed. The furniture-type partition belongs to the supporting part of the laboratory bench and can be equipped with a flexible reagent rack. However, the water and electricity supply ports are separated from the test bench, which changes the various troubles caused by the need to install water and electricity directly on the test bench. During installation, the complex supply system can be installed first, and then the furniture is allowed to enter the field to avoid crossover. The furniture is damaged due to construction, and the furniture can be purchased in batches according to the budget or removed and reassembled at will.

Service Modular Cleanroom Systems

Service system Modular clean room refers to the ceiling-type supply system and discharge system. Different pipes such as water, electricity, gas, ventilation, fire protection, air conditioning, etc. are of different colors, which can be connected or disconnected with the movable supply port below at any time according to needs. The rail-mounted electrical connection station can be moved anywhere on the ceiling for easy docking with the movable service column on the laboratory bench.

The modular cleanroom of the service system also includes functional walls, functional columns and functional hangers. The function wall provides more space, can install various water and electricity supplies, and can replace the entire partition wall of the laboratory or divide the laboratory into different work areas, which is easy to maintain. And can add laminates, lighting, splash guards and water systems. The function wall has a large space for installing various service facilities, free combination design, and various changes.

The functional column is a professional configuration of the home system, simple to install and easy to change. It can be installed on the ground or on the laboratory bench, and can be fixed or movable. Various water and electricity interfaces that are not provided can be installed on the functional column. The functional column has a replaceable panel, an open and transparent design, and the installation is simple and convenient.

The functional hanger increases the available space in the laboratory, and this design can be used for large equipment and is easy to use. Replaceable panels and accessories can be installed on the hanger, providing more space for larger equipment and more versatility.

Furniture Systems Modular Cleanrooms

The role of the laboratory is becoming more and more complicated. In the global scientific research laboratory, for the application of science and technology, scientists in the analytical laboratory must analyze more samples in a short time, which requires a high-efficiency laboratory. The laboratory is designed, configured and constructed according to different requirements and potential hazards, which must be of high quality, practicality and environmental protection. Every modular cleanroom has its own needs. A modern laboratory must meet any need and efficiently provide any working environment.

Laboratory benchtops have to cope with any predictable requirements, especially important is the use of various water valves, air valves, etc. These accessories can be installed anywhere on the countertop. The modular cleanroom structure will be adapted to different needs, allowing users to implement or optimize different operating procedures.

The modular structure of the laboratory is reflected in the sharp combination of multiple different products into standard parts. After the laboratory is completed, the modular cleanroom design system offers the user a variety of possibilities for expansion and choice. Modifications can be made very easily for already installed equipment, and each part can be combined and dismantled from one another. The laboratory furniture system can combine individual laboratory furniture components into a variety of different solutions, tailor-made according to the different needs of each laboratory. Different laboratory design and construction solutions, with work surface and bottom storage cabinets. The laboratory is the core of the furniture component. When the sink, water and electricity system and other accessories are added to it, all the individual components are coordinated together to form a whole laboratory furniture system. This system is simple and clear, easy to assemble, fireproof and clean, providing users with economical and applicable solutions, environmentally friendly design, safe and innovative technology and flexible choices.

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