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Laboratory Aseptic Purification Cleanroom

  • 2024-01-05
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Before understanding this problem, first of all, we should be clear what is Laboratory Aseptic Purification Cleanroom. Laboratory Aseptic Purification Cleanroom is mainly for some laboratories with high environmental requirements, the experimental samples are sensitive to the reaction of the environment, if the air quality is poor, it may contaminate the experimental samples, and the dust and ions in the air will also interfere with the accuracy of the experimental results, these will require the laboratory purification project.

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In simple terms, Laboratory Aseptic Purification Cleanroom achieves the effect of purification by opening up a certain area of the laboratory to build a sterile room. The use of professional purification decoration materials such as color steel plates and tempered glass is carried out in accordance with relevant national standards. For laboratories with different purposes and different research products, the air cleanliness level of the purification project is different and the engineering settings will be different, for example, the laboratory of biosafety class can be without return air system.

Laboratory Aseptic Purification Cleanroom, sterile laboratory project, laboratory ventilation system project is for some enterprises with relatively high requirements, experimental samples are relatively sensitive to the environment. Or the air quality is too poor will contaminate the experimental samples, such as biological products, microbiological research, brain cell laboratory, stem cell laboratory, blood cell laboratory, animal laboratory, biosafety laboratory, virus research laboratory and other occasions, it will have to require the laboratory or laboratory certain areas of air purification engineering system processing. In order to make the laboratory infrastructure to meet the standard of experimental requirements, the experiment can be carried out safely.

After understanding this problem, we can also summarize the role of purification engineering in the laboratory.

One, to ensure the smooth conduct of experiments and improve the accuracy of results

Professional research laboratory after purification project, can effectively improve the indoor air quality, reduce indoor dust, so that the laboratory infrastructure to meet the standard of experimental requirements, so as to ensure that the experiment can be carried out smoothly, and more accurate and credible experimental results. For example, virus laboratory, biosafety laboratory, these places are inseparable from the professional purification engineering construction.

Second, the protection of experimental samples, more experimental personnel escort

Generally, experimental samples are very fragile, purification project can improve the quality of indoor environment and protect the safety of experimental samples; in addition, the purification project can also escort the experimental personnel. Purification project system has very strict requirements on pressure, microbial control and humidity control in the laboratory, which not only ensures the safety of experimental samples, but also protects the personal safety of the experimenter.

It can be said that the purification project is the escort for the laboratory, to ensure the smooth implementation of the experiment, to ensure that the experimental samples are not contaminated, to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results, but also to protect the experimental personnel.

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