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The Standard Of 100,000 Level Industrial Clean Room

  • 2024-01-04
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Class 100,000 clean workshop: Refers to the clean level, which can be understood as a clean room, but the industrial clean room also needs to be ventilated. The air that has been changed in must be purified through a clean room and then sent to the clean room. The 100,000 (100,000) level requires 15-19 ventilations per hour, and the air purification time after full ventilation does not exceed 40 minutes.

The Standard Of 100,000 Level Industrial Clean Room

industrial Clean Room cleanliness level:

Hundreds of grades> Thousands of grades> 10,000 grades> 100,000 grades> 300,000 grades

The cleanliness level of the industrial Clean Room actually means that the smaller the value, the higher the purification level, the higher the cleanliness, and the higher the cost. The 100,000-level industrial Clean Room refers to a clean workshop with an air cleanliness of 100,000, that is, the particles per cubic meter in the workshop are controlled within 10W, and the food workshop must reach 100,000.

01. 100,000-level industrial Clean Room standard

Standard 100,000 Class industrial Clean Room: The number of particles with a large dust particle size of ≥micron shall not exceed 3.5 million, and the number of particles ≥5 microns shall not exceed 20,000.

Standard 100,000 Class industrial Clean Room Standard 2: Large allowable number of microorganisms, no more than 500 planktonic bacteria / m; no more than 10 sedimented bacteria per petri dish.

Standard three of 100,000-level industrial Clean Room: differential pressure. The pressure difference between clean rooms of the same cleanliness level is the same. The pressure difference between adjacent clean rooms of different cleanliness levels must be ≥5Pa, and the cleanroom and non-clean rooms must be ≥10Pa. Clean area to avoid airflow.

02. the principle of industrial Clean Room

Generally, it has to go through three filtering sections: primary effect filtration, intermediate effect filtration, and high efficiency filtration. Airflow → primary effect purification → humidification section → heating section → surface heating section → surface cooling section → intermediate efficiency purification → fan air supply → pipeline → high efficiency Purification air outlet → blowing into the room to take away particles such as dust bacteria → return air shutters → primary effect purification Repeat the above process to achieve the purpose of purification.

03. How to check whether the 100,000-level industrial Clean Room has reached the standard?

Settlement bacteria assay:

Settling bacteria refers to bacteria carried in dust falling on the ground or the surface of an object. With the sterile operating table open, take a few sterile petri dishes with an inner diameter of 90 mm. Aseptically inject 15 ml of nutrient agar medium that melts and cools to 45 ° C, and place them in an incubator at 30 ~ 35 ° C After 48 hours, it is proved to be sterile and ready for use.

Place the petri dish covered with nutrient agar medium in a specified area about 1 meter above the ground (typically, place a plate every 10 square meters), expose it to the air for 30 minutes, collect the settled bacteria, and cover the plate. Incubate for 48 hours in a 30-35 ° C incubator. Take out and count. The workshop should be in an operating state. Detecting the amount of sediment bacteria, each dish is less than or equal to 10, and can reach the standard of 100,000 level industrial Clean Room.

In general, sedimentation bacteria monitoring is only required once a month. The instruments commonly used in industrial Clean Room engineering are temperature and humidity meters, temperature and humidity meters, digital anemometers, infrared thermometers, differential pressure meters, multi-functional sound level meters, particle counters, and air flow meters. Whether it has reached the standard of 100,000-level industrial Clean Room.

04. Documents and records required for verification of 100,000-level industrial Clean Room

The company's general floor environment layout plan 100,000-level industrial Clean Room floor plan Air duct plan Air supply and return air outlet plan Air duct layout Air filter distribution diagram Lighting plan Air conditioning unit instruction manual industrial Clean Room engineering acceptance report Third party environmental monitoring report industrial Clean Room management Above the system is a detailed explanation of the 100,000-level industrial Clean Room's detection and compliance status. The industrial Clean Room needs continuous monitoring and strict compliance with the use specifications. This is an indispensable condition to reach the 100,000-level industrial Clean Room standard. The clean room of the clean workshop is safe, energy-saving and humane, creating a good living and working environment.

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