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The Working Principle Of Clean Room Air Cleaning Systems

  • 2024-01-03
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Air cleaning systems are designed to enable clean rooms to effectively control particle contamination and ensure the required cleanliness of their rooms. It does this by controlling the source of contamination, reducing the amount of contamination that occurs and quickly and effectively removing the contamination that has already occurred indoors and effectively stopping contaminated outdoor air from entering the aerospace cleanrooms.

The Working Principle Of Clean Room Air Cleaning Systems

Classification of cleanrooms

electronics assembly cleanrooms can be divided into two categories according to the object of control, namely industrial clean rooms and biological clean rooms. Biological cleanrooms are divided into general biological cleanrooms and biosafety cleanrooms (also known as isolated biological cleanrooms) Industrial cleanrooms are designed to control suspended dust in the air, while biological cleanrooms are designed to control suspended biological (microbial) particles in the air.

blow molding film purification cleanroom can be divided into three types of cleanrooms: integral cleanrooms, assembled cleanrooms and partially purified cleanrooms, according to the form of their construction.

gmp cleanroom for medical devices can be divided into one-way flow (also known as laminar or parallel flow) cleanrooms and non-one-way flow (also known as turbulent flow) cleanrooms, according to the form of airflow organisation within the room. Unidirectional flow clean rooms are also divided into vertical unidirectional flow and horizontal unidirectional flow clean rooms.

(1) Non-unidirectional flow clean room

The air supply form of non-one-way flow clean room has high efficiency filter top feed, streamline diffuser top feed, partial orifice plate top feed and side feed etc.. Its characteristic is that the airflow between the air supply and return airflow is changing, the airflow in the room is not in a single direction, just like the general airflow of the air conditioning room, will produce backflow and vortex airflow. Therefore, the working principle of a non-unidirectional clean room is that a clean airflow is sent into the room from the air outlet and then spreads rapidly around in accordance with the principle of jet flow, just as the air The airflow speed or temperature decay is mixed, diluting the contaminated air in the room and diluting the indoor air with a high concentration of dust, so that it reaches a balance. The working principle of the non-unidirectional flow clean room is to use the dilution of the airflow in the room. It is suitable for clean rooms below class 5.

(2) One-way flow clean room

Vertical one-way flow clean room is in the roof full of high-efficiency filters, all the floor grid Hu back to the air; horizontal one-way flow clean room air supply wall full of high-efficiency filters horizontal one-way air supply, air supply wall opposite the side wall all back to the air. One-way flow clean room from the air supply to the air return, airflow through the way of the section without much change, the air duct in the static pressure box and high efficiency filter to play the role of equal pressure and flow, so that the whole room section airflow velocity is more uniform, in the work area airflow flow line for a single parallel state. One-way flow clean room dry The clean air flow is filled with the whole room section, and the dirty air is discharged to the return air duct of the system along the whole section to achieve the purpose of air purification. It is suitable for clean rooms with a cleanliness level of 5 or higher.

The one-way flow medical device cleanrooms has a strong self-cleaning capacity, which enables the cleanliness to reach the highest level, the process equipment can be arranged arbitrarily, and the personal purification facilities can be simplified. The cleanliness of each part of the horizontal unidirectional flow clean room is not the same, the cleanest work zone within the work area is called the first work area. In addition to the horizontal one-way flow clean room other forms of clean room, its work area is the clean room in addition to the process special requirements, generally from the floor 0.8 ~ 1.5m high area.

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