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4 Components to Consider for a Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

  • 2024-01-06
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In the pharmaceutical research and development industry, scientists, technicians, and other employees are exposed to possibly dangerous or hazardous elements on a daily basis. It’s important to keep the cleanroom environments they work in free from outside elements, in order to maintain an objective and pure environment for research and experimental purposes. At Kwang Cleanroom, we recommend the following cleanroom equipment and components for your pharmaceutical environment.

4 Components to Consider for a Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

4 Components to Consider for a Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

1. HEPA Filters

Help control levels of contamination by filtering particles, even as small as 0.1 microns, through a highly sensitive HEPA filter. In order to keep the air as clean as possible, a HEPA filter should be left running continuously. This ensures that dangerous particles are removed thus the air supply is fresh and clean for the pharmaceutical employees.

2. Airlocks

The air pressure inside a pharmaceutical cleanroom environment needs to be maintained at a higher level than the atmospheric pressure. This helps prevent any infiltration by elements outside the environmental room. 

3. Temperature/Humidity Control Equipment

When working with pharmaceutical drugs and medication, it is imperative that the temperature and humidity remain consistent within the working environment. Controlling the temperature allows for consistent conditions when handling materials and measuring equipment. Keeping the humidity levels from rising can prevent condensation as well as eliminate static electricity.

4. Personal Protective Equipment

Testing new or unknown pharmaceutical elements can involve possible exposure to hazardous materials. To protect those working within the cleanroom environment, personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, protective coveralls, vinyl gloves, and other like elements, should be readily available.

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