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Modern Hospital Clean Room Design

  • 2024-02-02
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The decoration design of the hospital must not only conform to the management standards of modern hospitals, but also conform to the modern people's medical concept. In the huge social service premises system of the hospital, the decoration construction is carried out around the construction of a "clean environment". In order to provide patients with a more comfortable and comfortable environment, in addition to strict requirements for the selection of materials in space layout, decoration materials, furniture, and soft decoration, there is more hospital clean room design knowledge.

Modern Hospital Clean Room Design

My country has a large population base. Respiratory diseases occupy the first place among clinical diseases, up to 53%. The proportion of medical wards is also relatively high. Therefore, in the construction and application of hospitals in my country, more funds will be spent on the construction of clean system projects. The clean system of hospitals is widely used in operating rooms, laboratories, preparation rooms, blood wards, isolation wards, intensive care units, etc. The construction of clean engineering also involves interior decoration, purification of air conditioning, medical gas, intelligence, strong and weak electricity, HVAC, water supply and drainage. Hospital clean room this part of the clean project is generally carried out through bidding. Due to the wide scope and relatively high requirements for design and construction, it is more appropriate to choose a general contractor with qualifications and rich industry experience to be responsible for the clean project.

In the early stage of the project, Kwang Cleanroom will work with the hospital’s special person in charge to carefully set up the project according to the hospital’s scale, number of beds, professional direction, personnel, and funding implementation, and choose the location of the clean area reasonably. Generally speaking, not all functional rooms such as laboratory, pathology, medical technology, emergency department and other administrative rooms, living rooms need clean standard decoration, laboratory and pathology, operating room, negative pressure ward, intensive care unit Only these rooms with special functions need to be built with clean standards. The purpose of hospital clean room is different, and the degree of cleanliness is also different. In the construction process, it is necessary to comply with relevant national regulations and regulations. Of course, after the establishment of the project, Kwang Cleanroom will carry out comprehensive designs according to the purpose of the function room and the corresponding cleanliness. 

The key to the construction of a hospital clean room is the design of the purification process. Kwang Cleanroom's design experience is based on a reasonable purification process to separate the flow of people, logistics, and cleanliness. According to relatively more convenient and practical requirements, the pressure gradient is designed. In addition, the HVAC system, the main carrier of clean space purification, will be relatively complicated in the main body of the hospital project, and the requirements for designers will be relatively high. As a clean engineering EPC (general contractor), Kwang Cleanroom has more than ten years of experience in laboratory and clean room project design and decoration management. During the decoration and construction process, it has a complete construction and operation process and has its own clean system furniture production base. The production also guarantees the quality of decoration and building materials for clean engineering. The control of these key processes is also suitable for the development of projects such as hospitals. Time management and cost management are coordinated. This is also one of the main points that many medical institutions pay attention to.

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