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Purification Workshop Manufacturer To Introduce Purify The Workshop Safety Fire

  • 2024-01-03
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With the continuous development of science and technology, people's living standards continue to improve, we have higher and higher requirements for the living environment and product quality, clean plant clean room clean room, etc. is widely used in food, electronics, medicine, electrical appliances, scientific research laboratories and other industries.

Purification Workshop Manufacturer To Introduce Purify The Workshop Safety Fire

The emergence of clean workshop meets the needs of manufacturing enterprises for product production environment. The advantages of the clean room analyzed by Purification workshop manufacturer are as follows.

1. good moisturizing performance, high strength, heat insulation and heat preservation.

2. high strength: can be used as ceiling enclosure layout plate load-bearing, bending and pressure resistance.

3. air supply and filtration equipment: high, efficient air supply outlet selection of stainless steel structure, beautiful cleaning, perforated mesh plate with baking paint aluminum plate, not rusty and not sticky dust, easy to clean; send back to the air ducts made of hot duct zinc plate, paste purification insulation cotton;.

4. ground disposal: ground usually choose epoxy self-flowing flooring or wear-resistant plastic flooring, such as anti-static needs, can use anti-static flooring.

5. clean performance is good, will not adsorb dust, very suitable for purification workshop wall, and very energy-saving environmental protection, beautiful surface, affordable, used to build workshop or transform workshop can greatly reduce the use of cost.

6. construction is convenient, light weight, purification plant partition wall, top plate usually more use 50mm thick plywood; and color steel plate equipment sensitive and convenient: construction cycle is short, clean workshop can be adjusted according to production needs, the use of color steel plate wall.

Kwang Cleanroom is a professional skill-based company engaged in the development, production, sale and installation of purification products, and has the qualification of air purification engineering contract. For various industries to supply a variety of air purification level requirements for the planning, production, installation and commissioning of purification plant and air conditioning system engineering.

The following Kwang Cleanroom introduces how to purification workshop safety fire?

1. pharmaceutical industry purification workshop often use a variety of flammable and explosive substances chemical dangerous goods, its chemical changes are also the risk of ignition to produce explosions, processing process of the fire method and ethylene oxide method of fire accident risk is very large.

2. engineering construction or building decoration materials selected flammable raw materials. The consultation room is the area where surgical treatment and treatment is given to patients, and it is also the key skillful unit of medical institutions.

3. pharmaceutical industry clean room because of the finishing sterilization of the skill rules, sealing characteristics, but it is simple to cause a fire accident after the harmful high temperature smoke and dust is not simple to spread immediately, and even make the boom fire in advance.

4. Staff access is not able to reach the rules of disaster avoidance. The pharmaceutical industry must be organized on the spot through the organization. Changing clothes. Disinfection sterilization and other isolation wards into, because of the rules of finishing sterilization, the disaster door can not be selected to disaster avoidance orientation open door, disaster avoidance from the channel is more complex and difficult.

The above is the Kwang Cleanroom as a Purification workshop manufacturer to introduce you to the purification workshop how to safety fire all the content, if you want to know more about the general knowledge, you can read the company's website, we will provide you with more professional information!

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