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Laboratory Purification Engineering Cleanroom Design

  • 2024-01-06
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Laboratory purification engineering mainly includes conventional laboratory, conventional purification is actually decorative decoration, generally we refer to is the laboratory floor, wall and other environmental decoration; purification laboratory is the kind of laboratory area to do the purification of the requirements, general bacteria test room, purification room and other requirements are relatively high and strict. Because the requirements of doing experiments are relatively high, and the experimental samples are more sensitive to the environment, there is also a poor air is also contaminated experimental samples, such as microbiological research, cell and virus research laboratories and other experimental occasions, the laboratory is required to do purification engineering system processing.

Laboratory Purification Engineering Cleanroom Design

Laboratory purification engineering cleanroom design

The materials for the walls and ceilings of Laboratory purification engineering should be easy to clean and disinfect, corrosion-resistant, dust-free, non-cracking, smooth and waterproof, and the surface coating already has anti-static properties. The usual materials are various types of composite colour steel plates, electrolytic steel plates, aluminium plates or stainless steel plates that meet the requirements of anti-slip.

The floor of the Laboratory purification engineering should be a seamless, non-slip, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant floor with a flush kick with the wall. The intersection of the floor and the wall and the intersection of its enclosure structure should be done with a radius of not less than 30mm arc processing. The usual ground materials are: coloured self-levelling ground, PVC coil welded ground, rubber coil ground, etc.

The door of the laboratory should be able to close automatically and be equipped with an observation window and a door lock. The doors of the laboratory should be open to the area of higher pressure. The doors of the buffer room should be interlockable between the two doors. Doors to areas where pressure testing is required should be airtight, either mechanically pressurised or pneumatic, with a compressed air system when pneumatic doors are provided.

The infrastructure of the laboratory must meet the standards required for the experiments. The infrastructure of the clean room must meet the standards required for the experiments in order to avoid contamination of the samples.

Kwang Cleanroom in line with, adhere to the "quality first, service first" principle, rigorous medical standards, must choose high-end brand equipment for the laboratory, adhering to the high-end materials, only do high-quality purification projects, do not do low-end inferior projects, do not do low price tag, tag good with the second behavior.

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