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Construction Of Clean Corridor In Dust-free Workshop

  • 2024-01-03
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In recent years, the clean room purification industry has developed rapidly. Clean rooms have been widely used in high-tech industries such as life sciences, biopharmaceuticals, food production, cosmetics manufacturing, scientific research and teaching. Purification workshops are playing an increasingly important role in the production fields of all walks of life, and have made very important contributions to improving product quality and developing high-tech products. Today, let's talk about the "clean corridor" of the clean workshop.

Construction Of Clean Corridor In Dust-free Workshop

For dust-free workshops, the clean corridor can buffer the clean area from the outside world and ensure the cleanliness of the production area; it makes it possible to use heating, protects the clean area, and avoids condensation on the inner wall in winter. Optimize the lighting effect, because the clean area is close to the outer wall, if there is no window, it will affect the lighting of the room; if there are double windows, no matter how tightly closed, dust will enter, and the cleaning of the windows is also a problem. Therefore, the setting of the visiting corridor is more important.

Key points of clean corridor design and construction:

Material selection for clean corridors: Material selection is mainly based on the amount of dust generated by material selection. The floor of the corridor of the clean workshop should be made of non-slip, sturdy, impermeable, easy-to-clean, and corrosion-resistant materials. The floor surface of the workshop should be flat, free of water, impact resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Epoxy self-leveling floor is very suitable for use on the floor of food clean workshop. This kind of floor is non-slip and abrasion resistant, resistant to weak acids and weak alkalis, dustproof and beautiful, diverse in color, seamless overall, easy to clean, easy to maintain, economical in construction cost, and maintenance Convenience, short construction period and other characteristics.

Clean corridor parameter setting:

1. The width of 1.5-1.8 meters for single-person visits can be appropriately widened if the passage of sightseeing vehicles is considered and the space of the site permits.

2. In the corridor design, there is no window sill on the window, and the window cabinet is flush with the wall. The dust-accumulating platform is set at a slope of 15 degrees to prevent dust from accumulating. Do not protrude from the wall roots and foot lines on the wall. The junction of the wall, roof and ground should have a certain arc (the semi-longitude is 20-50mm).

3. The corridor of the purification workshop should have good ventilation conditions. If natural ventilation is adopted, the ratio of the ventilation area to the floor area of the purification workshop should not be less than 1:16. If mechanical ventilation is used, the air exchange rate should not be less than 3 times per hour, and mechanical ventilation should be used.

4. The direction of airflow in the purification workshop should be from the clean area to the non-clean area. For purification workshops that rely on self-lighting, the ratio of the window area of the purification workshop to the area of the purification workshop should not be less than 1:4.

The visiting corridor not only directly reflects the image of the company, but also expresses the spiritual culture pursued by the company. A good visiting corridor is not only an intangible asset of the enterprise, but also a good marketing staff, which can let more consumers know the company. The artistic application of clean corridors in clean projects can also convey beauty and enhance the modern atmosphere of the factory area, which is more in line with the positioning of modern smart factories. 

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