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The Role of Clean Room Ventilation

  • 2024-01-03
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Ensuring the safe and effective running of your clean room ventilation system is vital. The airflow generated by the system is often the only barrier between your critical process and the atmosphere outside. The design and installation of clean room ventilation systems is a specialist discipline requiring industry specific experience to know what works best in practice.

The Role of Clean Room Ventilation

Kwang Cleanroom provide a complete range of maintenance and repair services for your clean room ventilation system, including monitoring and validation for MHRA compliance.

The Role of Clean Room Ventilation

The air within your clean room needs to be free of potential pollutants and relies upon high quality, reliable ventilation in order to maintain operational integrity.

There are many ways in which your clean room ventilation can be compromised. A worn drive system or fan motor fault, can lead to a reduction in airflow performance and quickly the air cleanliness will deteriorate. The regular servicing of the basic components of the system including fan belt and pulley replacements, pre-filter replacements and the cleaning of air intake and cooling coils are vitally important. and

Regular air handling unit inspections are also important. Filter seal or gasket failures often go unnoticed and air bypass can cause significant contamination problems. Routine inspection will locate any potential issues and replacements can be made whenever necessary.

Motorised dampers, regulating the flow of air within your duct work, also require routine inspection and testing as they are susceptible to seizure.

Another common problem is poorly specified or incorrect filters installed within your ventilation system. This can increase the running and servicing costs, as well as posing a potential contamination risk.

Monitoring the Ventilation Performance In Your Clean Room

Routine performance monitoring of cleanrooms is necessary for GMP or quality compliance. Typical performance checks may include filter integrity testing ( DOP testing) (Dispersed Oil ,lighting and noise levels checks, testing of Laminar Flow Cabinets , measurement of air change rates andairflow velocity and the monitoring of airborne particulate cleanliness.

Other checks we may carry out include:

Differential pressure testing and room balancing – ensuring that the air in your clean room always moves from clean to less-clean areas, a positive pressure difference between the areas will be established, normally when the correct air supply and extract volumes have been set up.

A difference of 10 or 15 Pascals – the units of measurement used to register pressure differences – are generally accepted as the established rate between clean areas. Clean zones or rooms with the highest air quality requirements should therefore have a higher pressure than adjacent less clean areas.

Room recovery performance testing – this is a quantitative measurement of the effectiveness of airflow. The test measures how quickly a clean room recovers to its normal operating cleanliness following a release of particulate contaminant.

To do this, a burst of test particles is introduced into the area to be tested and, after the particles have mixed with their surroundings, the airborne particle count is measured, and then remeasured at regular intervals. Often the end-point is one-hundredth of the original concentration and the time taken to reach this point can be used as an index of efficiency.

Air pattern recording or airflow visualisation – airflow visualisation is the study of air movement within a clean zone or room to check there is sufficient air movement to either dilute, or to remove, airborne contamination, therefore preventing any build-up of contamination.

Documenting these air patterns is the best way to understand and maintain the critical airflow patterns of a controlled environment.

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